Phantom Wallet : A Friendly Solana Wallet

Phantom is a mobile and web software wallet that has been developed to help users to trade on the Solana blockchain. This wallet supports only SOL tokens such as Ardor, Avalanche, Chiliz, Huobi, Klaytn, Kusama, Ontology, Polygon, etc. Phantom is a good wallet for beginners and expert traders both. If you are looking for a way to start trading SOL tokens on Phantom then you need to go through the wallet setup process.This is a non-custodial wallet and can be easily set up without submitting details such as name, email, and mobile number. While going through the Phantom Wallet setup process, it creates a 12-words secret recovery phrase that helps you to manage your account.So, if you are also looking to get ready for Solana trading, you have come to the right place.All you need to do is, stay connected with the internet and then go to the next section of this post to set up your access on Phantom.

How to install Phantom Wallet Extension?

Based on the type of device that you have, you can choose one from the Phantom app or browser extension to start the trading process.Here in this section, we have concluded the way to install the Phantom Wallet extension on your device. In case you are looking to install the Phantom mobile app on your Android or iOS device then you need to visit the App or Play Store to do so.Launch a browser on your Windows or Mac and go to webpageNow, you need to scroll down and look for the browser extensionsChoose the icon of your browser to visit the next pageAfter that, you need to visit the browser’s store to install the extension fileOnce you reach the store, find and click on the ‘Add to my browser’ optionHere, you need to wait for a few minutes to install the wallet extension


Users who have installed the Phantom app or browser extension on their device can start the wallet setup process. You can easily create your Phantom account by approaching these steps:On your mobile or computer, open the Phantom app or browser extensionNow, get to the ‘Setup or Create Wallet’ button and click on itAfter that, you need to choose an eligible password for your account Now, on the next page, get to the ‘Reveal secret code’ option and click on itWhen asked, enter the required seed phrase to confirmFinally, get to the ‘Confirm’ button to finish the Phantom Wallet setup process

How to unlock the Phantom account?

If your Phantom Walletaccount is locked and you are being prompted to enter the seed phrase details then you need to follow these steps to unlock your account:Open the Phantom app or PC extension on your deviceWhen you are asked, feed the password field correctlyNow, you need to cross-check the password detailsClick the ‘Unlock’ button to access your Phantom account

Can I restore Phantom on a new Mac?

If you have lost the Phantom wallet login details and getting issues while accessing the account then you need to use the recovery phrase to restore the wallet on your Mac. The quick Phantom recovery steps are as follows:On your Mac, open the Phantom browser extensionNow, navigate yourself to the homepage On this page, find and click the ‘Use secret recovery phrase’ buttonWhen asked, submit the Phantom recovery seed detailsChoose a new password and then confirm it in the respective boxFinally, detect the ‘Restore’ button and click on it


To sum up, SOL tokens can be traded securely with the help of the Phantom Wallet. But to do so, you must know the way to set up Phantom on your mobile or computer. However, there is no need to panic in case you are not sure about the setup process. The complete Phantom Wallet setup and login process are quick and easy and you can also set up your profile on it by approaching the process that is described in this post.